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Immingham In Bloom 2016


Immingham In Bloom 2016

Another year has flown by and we enter our 7th season full of optimism.

Immingham in Bloom was started in late 2009 as an initiative of the Town Council. It has always been a partnership between the group and the Town Council and it works so well. (Who back then could have guessed where we would have progressed to in 7 years??) It is the partnership between the Council and this voluntary group that makes the project so successful. Working with volunteers engages the Council staff and brings the Council closer to the people it serves. In Bloom helps by funding over 500 hours of staff time by direct donation from sponsor funds and offsets Council work by picking up some of the tasks too, freeing up specialist staff to plant and mow.


Volunteers are now giving over 50 man hours each week and we have had several new faces this year. A real bond has formed between them all and they are out in all weathers (mad as hares!) even in the evenings.


This year is putting an even greater demand on time with the honour of representing the region in Britain in Bloom, for only the 2nd time. This means we have to peak twice (3 times if you count Best Kept Town as well) but the staff and volunteers are up to the challenge, with gold medals in both firmly in our sights!

If you are interested in joining our ever growing band, just give us a call!



2016 Immingham In Bloom received

A Gold Award and was the Category Winners of East Midlands In Bloom 


A Gold Medal in the Britain In Bloom Town Category