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Immingham In Bloom 2010 " The year it all started "



It could be said that Immingham is not the likeliest place to find an In Bloom campaign. The town has developed around a heavy industrial dock, is geographically isolated and has its own set of challenges. It is probably not the most picturesque place in the county, but it is our town and its residents are its greatest asset. When Immingham in Bloom was first muted some years ago, there were people who said that it would never happen, but spurred on by the success of our friends at Grimsby and Cleethorpes it has finally burst into life. Work has been going on for over 6 months to ensure that our first entry will be completed on time, and whilst the competition is the catalyst to drive the work forward, the real tangible benefit is in the improvement to our town, the increase in Civic Pride and the way the community spirit has been galvanised.


None of this could have been achieved without the fantastic support which we have had from our sponsors from the business community, the help we have had from residents, schools & groups and the sheer hard work from officers & members of both Immingham Town Council and North East Lincolnshire Council. Hopefully this will be the acorn from which the mighty oak grows, and the project will improve year on year.

This brief overview of what has happened in the short time since our inception will hopefully inspire others to become involved and we welcome as much new blood as possible.



In September 2010 Immingham was award a Silver Award from East Midlands In Bloom.

A brilliant result for a first year entry.