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Immingham Cemetery

Immingham Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Town Council and is situated on Mill Lane, Immingham.

It is best accessed from the junction with Church Lane.

The opening hours are from dawn to dusk.

All memorials within the cemetery are privately owned and it is not the responsibility of the Town Council to maintain them.  However, the Town Council does have the duty to ensure that all the headstones and other memorials are in a safe condition.  All memorials receive a periodic inspection and, as a last resort, appropriate remedial action would be taken by the Town Council in the interests of public safety.

Cemetery Regulations
Cemetery regulations:

Immingham Town Council

Regulation of Management of Immingham Cemetery Mill Lane

The cemetery is a lawned cemetery. Only headstones will be permitted. No railings, kerbsets, fences or vases / memorials shall be permitted within the burial plot itself. Once a period of 6 months has elapsed, the plot will be lawned 

1. Opening and Closing Times

The Burial Ground will be open to the public at the times hereinafter stated:-

Mondays to Sundays          8.00am-4.00pm

Due to security of the Cemetery the gates may, be locked at the discretion of the council every day from dusk and re-opened at 8.00am

2. Hours for Interments

The hours for interments for all denominations are to be as follows:-

On any weekday except Saturday            9.00am – 3.30pm

On Saturdays                                               9.00am – 11.00am

No Interments shall take place on a Sunday.

Except in a case of emergency certified by a Coroner or a registered medical practitioner, no interment shall take place outside the above hours, or on a Good Friday, Christmas Day or general holidays unless expressly agreed by the Immingham Town Council. Except in any case of emergency as certified by a Coroner or registered medical practitioner an additional fee will be charged for any interment outside the prescribed times.

3. Orders and Notices for Interments

Notices of interments in the Burial Ground must be given in the first instance to the Immingham Town Council. The day and hour of the funeral should as far as practicable be fixed with the officiating Minister before the necessary notice of interment is given to the Keeper. At least forty eight hours notice shall be given. If a grave is required for a Monday, the notice must be given before noon on the previous Friday. No burial will be permitted until an agreement to abide by these regulations is signed and in the possession of the Council.

4. Form of Notice

The notice of interment must be given in writing on the form provided by the Immingham Town Council. Every notice must contain a statement of the first name and surname, the calling or description of the person to be buried, or, if a minor the names of the parents, and the age, date of death, the Parish and Township in which the death occurred, the usual residence of the deceased, the day and hour in which it is intended that the burial shall take place, where it is situated, whether the grave is purchased or ordinary and the size of the coffin.

5. Area and Place of Burials

The selection of the grave space both in a general interment and of a purchased grave is subject to the approval of the Immingham Town Council but wishes of the applicants will be met as far as may be deemed practicable. No burials will be permitted within fifteen feet of the boundary fences.

6. Payment of Fees and Charges

All fees and charges payable to the Burial Authority in accordance with the table of fees hereinafter appearing must be paid to the Immingham Town Council before interment – see appendix A for fees and charges.

7. Certificate of Death to be produced

The Certificate of Disposal issued by the Registrar of Deaths in pursuance of the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926 or the Coroner’s Order must be delivered to Immingham Town Council before the time of interment.

8. Register and Official Plan

A Register of all burials and a plan of the Burial Ground will be kept by the Clerk to the Burial Authority and may be inspected at all reasonable times without charge.

9. Exhumation

After interment no body may be removed without producing to the Clerk to Immingham Town Council the faculty or licence required by law.

10. Number and Depth of Burials in One Grave

That more than one body be permitted in graves in Section A of the Burial Ground and defined in the plan. No grave less than 183cm (6 feet) in depth from the surface will be allowed and no coffin shall be buried without 122cm (4 feet) of soil between the ordinary level of the ground and the upper side of the coffin.

When more than one body is interred in a grave, a layer of soil at least 25cm (1 foot) in thickness must be left between each coffin interred therein.

For interment of a body of any person at a greater depth than 183cm (6 feet) an additional fee will be charged for added excavation.

11. Right of Burial in Purchased Graves

No interment may take place without first obtaining the Exclusive Right of Burial. These may be pre-purchased, or obtained prior to interment at the fee set out in Appendix A.

Purchase of the Right of Burial will be permitted for a period of fifty years at the fee set out in Appendix A.

12. Classes of Burial

All interments shall be in earth graves, no vaults or brick graves will be permitted.

13. Expenses of Burial

All graves shall be dug by the person appointed by Immingham Town Council or under his supervision. Cost of excavation shall be borne by the person responsible for the interment.

14. Closing of Graves etc

All graves shall be filled up immediately after the interment with earth and re-grassed as soon as practicable. No mounds or banks will be permitted. The tops of graves are to be kept level and any subsequent depressions are to be reinstated to facilitate maintenance of the Burial Ground.

15. Railings, Kerbstones, Fences etc

To enable maintenance of the cemetery in a tidy manner for all to visit and sit in peaceful and attractive surroundings the cemetery is lawned. This means that only headstones are permitted (No railings, kerbs, fences or vases etc shall be allowed) The plot will be lawned as soon as conditions permit.  See regulation 16, 18

16. Headstones, Memorials, Monuments, Tablets etc

That the burial area be a strip of open ground 92cm (3’) wide allowed at the head of each row of graves for the erection of memorials, the distance between such strips to be 279cm (9’).

The base area of the memorials to be no more than 92cm (3’) breadth, 46cm (1’6”) length and height of 92cm (3’) height maximum above ground level. These dimensions are overall dimensions inclusive of any bases or plinths. The erection of the memorials shall be anchored to a concrete foundation of not less than 10mm (4”) thickness. Insurance for all memorials is compulsory.

No memorials shall be fitted until 12 calendar months after burial, to allow for ground settlement, or until permission is granted by the Clerk.

17. Receptacles for Flowers

Receptacles for flowers are to be of a design approved by the Immingham Town Council and be expressly manufactured as a receptacle for flowers. Any receptacle must fit within the headstone. No glass will be allowed anywhere.

The burial groundkeeper shall be at liberty to remove any article not complying with this regulation.

18. Wreaths, Flowers and Mementoes

Wreaths, flowers and mementoes to be sited within the headstone area only. The Immingham Town Council shall be at liberty to remove any wreath, flowers or mementoes that become unsightly. On newly dug graves over a period of 6 months maximum, permission may be granted at the clerk’s discretion, to allow wreaths, flowers and mementoes to be laid across the plot. Alcohol tributes will immediately be removed. Unsightly novelties such as windmills, bells, cans, bottles etc must not be left on any plot and will be removed immediately and disposed of.

19. Numbering of Graves

All spaces will be numbered by Immingham Town Council. Where a headstone is erected the grave and section number must be repeated on the headstone.

20. Maintenance of Cemetery

If burial plots do not comply with the Cemetery Regulations as agreed, the said burial plot shall be returned to lawn status. Also if over a period of three calendar months the plot is not satisfactorily maintained, the said burial plot shall be returned to lawn status, artificial turf will not be permitted.

21. Bicycles, Tricycles etc

No unauthorised persons shall ride any bicycle, tricycle in the Burial Ground.

22. Dogs

Dogs must be on a lead when entering the Cemetery.

23. Visitors to the Burial Ground

All visitors must keep on the roads and paths except whilst visiting a grave and must refrain from damaging trees, shrubs or flowers. Visitors must observe decorum.  DO NOT WALK ACROSS BURIAL PLOTS. Persons found conducting themselves in a noisy, riotous or disorderly manner will be removed from the Burial Ground. Consumption of alcohol or drugs is not permitted in the cemetery at any time.

24. Demonstrations

Demonstrations of any kind will not be allowed except for those expressly permitted by the Burial Authority at a military funeral. Persons causing demonstrations will be expelled from the Burial Ground.

25. Closure of Burial Ground

The Burial Ground Authority reserves the right to close the Burial Ground to the public at their discretion.

26. Alterations and Additions to Regulations

Immingham Town Council reserves the right to make any additions or alterations to the foregoing regulations at any time.

As agreed by Committee 19th October 2021


Cemetery Charges
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Garden of Rememberance

Details of the charges can be found here: Garden of Remembrance Charges

To report vandalism or damage within the cemetery or if you have any concerns regarding the cemetery,

please call 01469 727272 or e-mail enquiries@immingham-tc.gov.uk